Thursday, August 25, 2016

So recently I had the pleasure of presenting to the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild at their August 2016 meeting.  They are a sister guild in the Southeast Michigan region that is focused on making ornament with beads and other jewelry type mediums.  I have been a member of this guild for around 3 years and have taken classes with them on seed beading, wire wrapping, and other metal work.  They are a wonderful group and I am proud to be a member.  My presentation was a introduction to lampworking.  

I lugged in a few torches, tools, glass, and other assorted lampworking necessities and spoke to them about the wonders of glass bead making.  We laughed about some adventures I had when getting involved in this hobby such a kiln fear, exploding glass, and burning my arm but saving the bead.  All and all we had a great time and I finished by showing a short YouTube video of bead making.  I think everyone came away with a better understanding of the process and why buying artesian beads over mass produced Chinese beads would be a great way to support local glass bead makers and use quality glass beads in their creations.  :)

The GlassAct guild had a trunk show following and we saw quite a few happy bead workers finding new treasures.  

I love to share this art with others and hope I get the opportunity to speak again about the love of all things glass.

I have added the bead workers link to my links page.  Check them out. 

Glassy adventures await.