Thursday, June 15, 2023

Adventures in the 'D'!

 This last week was a wonderful time for glass artists in Detroit.

It started with the Glass Art Society holding their annual conference in the 'D'! 

The events for the conference were held at the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) where Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG) set up a hotshop, The Center for Creative Studies (CCS) and the Russell Industrial Center (RIC).   Several of the ISGB board members were in town for a meeting and a couple stayed with me for the GAS conference.  

We mostly attended the lampwork sessions at the Russell .  We saw some great goblets being made as well as glass chain, and a decanter.  We did attend the Goblet grab and a interesting display of a 3D printer that uses glass rods for source at CCS.  Had some delicious cocktails and talked with old friends.

The closing party for GAS was at the Russell in the Axiom glass studio.    Large Interesting space and great times with glassy types.

The Michigan Glass Project (MGP) overlapped the GAS conference and the 2 events were quite different although much alike in the love for glass.

MGP highlighted some very famous functional glass artists as well as musicians and artists.  MGP brings these artists together to raise money for Art Road which is a nonprofit that brings art to the Detroit Public Schools.  'Art for a Cause' .  Before COVID I demonstrated beads for them and hope to do it again in the future. Great music, art, and glass!  

It was truly a fabulous week and I feel filled with friendship and love for my art.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Great Glass Adventures

 Just returned from 12 days in Italy.  Had a wonderful trip to Venice and Murano.

Karyn Sweezy and I traveled through Toronto to Venice and made our way to an apartment we rented in Murano.  It was a lovely place close to the Venier vaporetto stop and was furnished with everything we needed.  

We spent 5 days at the Tommassi studio taking several classes from Astrid Riedel.  The skills that we were introduced to will need a great deal of practice for me to master but it was a wonderful class.  Astrid is a wonderful teacher and it was delightful to spend time with her.

After the class we did some sightseeing around Venice, Murano, Burano, and then took a day trip to the dolomites.  I recommended this for anyone that is going to this area.  The mountains were amazing and such a contrast to the water world of Venice and other islands.  Of course we stopped in to see Roberto Dona as well as the gold leaf makers to round out the trip.  It was super fun to show Karyn around the area and to experience some new things even though this was my 3rd trip!  

Soon the Glass Art Society (GAS) will converge on Detroit for their annual conference in tandem with the Michigan Glass Project (MGP),  Many of my glass friends will be at the conference and a few are hanging at my house so good times are coming!

I look forward to the glass adventure next week and am as always thankful for the art that I have come to love.

Monday, April 24, 2023

Where have I been?

 I was quite shocked to realize that I haven't posted to my blog for over a year!   Life gets busy and we don't always keep up with everything.

I have 2 growing grandsons and my day job keeps me busy but I still love glass and torch when I can.

I went to Ireland in 2022 with Sara Lagrand and took classes at a fabulous studio in Mulranny!

The coastal town and studio were perfectly suited for creative times and time with other artists.

Leaving for Italy in less than a month for class with Astrid Riedel.  I didn't think I would be back in Murano but I couldn't turn down the opportunity.  

I hope if you read this you are having great glassy adventures.  Make everyday a good day.  Thats what I am trying to do.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

 Here are some words that I published for the ISGB postcard project.  Wanted to put them here so I remember how last year felt.

This last year has been a year or amazing challenges and surprising victories. As President of the ISGB, I along with the ISGB board, had to make hard decisions about planned events and activities. We made decisions with the best interest of the organization and our membership and I believe we stayed true to that direction.

 With disruption often comes good change and the last year has caused the ISGB to take different directions in order to reach our members where they are, home. We have adopted a greater online presence and created online events quickly. It has been a crazy time, but we have gained much!

 In my personal life, I have worked from home for this year and feel closer to my family and more grounded in my home. I live now needing less and treasure my friends and family above anything. My 60th birthday was quieter then hoped but more fulfilling then I ever dreamed.

 Creatively I have taken many online classes from talented artists and have learned much. I have tried new things and learned to work with the freedom of letting things go that I don’t enjoy. 

 When my grandchildren ask me about this year I will tell them it was a year of tragic sadness and loss, great love, and learning to grow where you’re planted. Literally. - Susan

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

 Back from Italy Happy and Satiated!

It was a fabulous couple of weeks in Murano, Venice, and Florence.

My adventure was organized by Sara Legrand. I have been to Italy with her before and especially during these times on earth I knew she would provide us with a safe exciting adventure.

Italy was everything the US is not.  Safe and aware of the pandemic.  Covid vaccine is required to get on a train, a boat, or in a restaurant.  Everyone wears masks indoors.  I felt safe there.  Returning home was a shock at the number of people who are disregarding even the simplest of protections such as mask wearing.

We saw many fabulous glass people on our adventure and had great times with friends old and new.

I saw Florence for the first time and fell in love with that city as well.  Venice was nicely undercrowded and Murano was a quiet end to each day. Gelato was a treat each day around 5 and our dinners kept the conversation and spritzs rolling.

The apartment at Ca' Mazzega was a lovely home away from home and I would happily stay there again.

All and all it was the adventure of my life so far.  Not sure I will be back for glass but I will lovingly show these places to my family in the future.

Thank you Italy and Sara for an amazing 17 days.



Monday, September 13, 2021

 Fall is in the air in Michigan and I am a tad shocked by its arrival.  This summer seems to have come and gone quickly and many things are left undone.

My thought about this is that disruption in my life tends to send me down different paths then planned.  

Some home remodeling has left me feeling disorganized and not able to progress in all the areas I needed to.

Finishing the Presidency for the ISGB is also a big change.  I am so grateful for the opportunity and encouraged by the direction that the ISGB is going.  

For the first time in many years I am not in a leadership position in a glass organization!  I think this is a good thing for my art and I am hoping to spend more time at the torch.  I have many ideas that I need to bring to fruition and I am looking forward to it.

Leaving for Italy in a few days to spend time with creatives and to enjoy some time away from the US.  Everyone I'm traveling with is vaccinated and the EU is strict about  requiring vaccinated only at restaurants and venues.  Masks required indoors for all.  I look forward to the sanity of science based decisions being implemented in more places but for now I will relish my time in Murano, Venice, and Florence.

So that's it for this chapter of Susan and her blog.

To anyone who reads this I hope you are happy and well and pursuing creative activities.


Monday, February 1, 2021

 Time Moves on

Well I certainly didn't expect that I wouldn't be back here for almost 2 years!  Time does move on in expected and unexpected ways.

I am a grandmother now with the birth of my grandson Cameron in July 2019 and this is a huge blessing in my life. 

2020 brought all the challenges that a global pandemic brings with travel cancelled and outings postponed.

 In some ways the disruption has had positive changes in how I take classes for my glass art.  I have taken many online classes and have found them to be a great way to learn new skills and connect with other artists. The ISGB held its annual conference at the last minute online and it was a great way to bring us together.  

Although I look forward to getting to see my friends in person again I think this break from normal life has caused me to appreciate things more.  I hope the lesson stays and I realize that life can be full without the things that I have always done or had.  

I hope we all emerge from this with new hope and new perspectives.

Until then Be well, stay safe, wear a mask, make art!