About Me

I  began making lamp work beads in 2008 when I was inspired by another lamp work artist at the Ann Arbor art fair in Michigan. Soon after I took a simple lamp work bead class at Canterbury Glass in Pontiac Michigan and  began to experiment with a hot head torch.
    In the fall of 2009 I participated in  Don Miller’s lampwork class at the University of Michigan—Dearborn.  That class  helped me to learn and practice basic skills on a larger  torch.  I continue to learn and grow in this art with the help of all the fine lampworkers I have  taken classes from.

 The name for Northern Mermaid Beads came from many facets of my  life. 
 The Great Lakes don't have many Mermaids but I am their friend and I make them glassy beads and baubles.  :)

Currently working with a Bethlehem Alpha torch using Natural Gas and a 10 liter Oxycon.

Hot Glass Rocks!

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