Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer in the city

It is the early days of July and  I am scattered preparing for the next few months.  I have been out of town for a couple of weeks and have not tended to my garden or my studio.  I am hoping to do some of that this month. My daughter Allison is getting married in August and I am going to Italy in September for some glass adventures so the current days need to be productive. If only mother nature would help me by lowering the temperature and the humidity, but such is a Michigan summer.

 My position as President of the International Society of Glass Bead Makers (ISGB)  is a great honor and a great challenge.  We are busy trying to get things lined up for the 2019 Gathering in Las Vegas.  It is going to be another great conference and I am excited for the changes we are making.

 Lately I have written a bit for the glass publications and write monthly for the ISGB Bead Release. I wrote an article in May for Soda Lime Times discussing the changes in the ISGB and am currently writing a glass review for Glass Bead Evolution.

In the ISGB - Glass Bead Evolution this month we had an article by Pam Kellett that was written about the Southeast Michigan Glass Beadmakers Guild's 20 bead glass challenge.  It was a fun exercise and quite a surprise when I saw my beads in the issue!.   The beads were made from CIM Butter Pecan, Effetre Light Topaz, and DH Echo.

The SMGBG guild does a great job of getting us to the torch.

Guess that is it for now but keep the torches lit and the glass hot.