Tuesday, October 26, 2021

 Here are some words that I published for the ISGB postcard project.  Wanted to put them here so I remember how last year felt.

This last year has been a year or amazing challenges and surprising victories. As President of the ISGB, I along with the ISGB board, had to make hard decisions about planned events and activities. We made decisions with the best interest of the organization and our membership and I believe we stayed true to that direction.

 With disruption often comes good change and the last year has caused the ISGB to take different directions in order to reach our members where they are, home. We have adopted a greater online presence and created online events quickly. It has been a crazy time, but we have gained much!

 In my personal life, I have worked from home for this year and feel closer to my family and more grounded in my home. I live now needing less and treasure my friends and family above anything. My 60th birthday was quieter then hoped but more fulfilling then I ever dreamed.

 Creatively I have taken many online classes from talented artists and have learned much. I have tried new things and learned to work with the freedom of letting things go that I don’t enjoy. 

 When my grandchildren ask me about this year I will tell them it was a year of tragic sadness and loss, great love, and learning to grow where you’re planted. Literally. - Susan

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