Wednesday, March 13, 2019


The calendar indicates that spring should be here soon.  We still have a bit of snow but I have seen a robin so that is another sign but I still feel like hibernating.

The middle of March means that I am deeply involved in preparations for attending the ISGB Gathering.  The Gathering is the annual conference of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and I am currently the president of this wonderful organization.

We will be converging on Las Vegas at the beginning of April and it will be a wonderful time. 

I am busy melting glass to make all the things I am taking to the event.  It has been hard to get to the torch since Kevin died and I am not sure that I am entirely recovered from the loss but I am pushing forward to regain my creative spirit and I know he would want that of me.

It is amazing how all aspects of our life can affect our creativity.  I didn't even recognize my own lack of creative energy for months and then I didn't connect it to death but when I finally understood, it explained a great deal, 

I was in Italy in September 2018 when Kevin died.  Italy was the most wonderful adventure of my life so far and I was grateful that I had my artist friends with me when the news came.  I continued my trip since it was near the end and still had some great times.  It was strange as his loss did not hit me fully until months after his death.  I was more in shock when I first heard,  although it was inevitable that he would die from the colon cancer,  we thought we had more time.

We always think we have more time don't we?  More time to be with people we love,  more time to be creative, more time to make amends.  We don't .  I am living life differently now.  I think that is the best that came from his death.  I realized that we don't always have more time and that we can still love people who we can't be with. 

I will write more about my Italian adventures as my creative comes back.  Until then this is cheaper than therapy.

Keep the glass flowing.


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